Full-time Enrollment

Full time students will receive 100% allotment funding. In accordance with 4 AAC 33.426. A student enrolled in a statewide correspondence program, whether full-time or part-time, must take at least 50 percent of his/her coursework through the statewide correspondence program, in core courses. A student must be enrolled in at least 4 courses to be considered full time.
Core classes are defined as Foreign Language, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Technology (4 AAC 33.426)

Part-time Enrollment

Students may elect to enroll concurrently with CSD and another public or private school for part-time enrollment. In this instance, the funding allotment from CSD will be reduced based on the percentage of time the student is enrolled in another school.

Private School Enrollment

CSD will support a family’s desire to choose some classes for the child from a private school. The number of CSD classes the student is enrolled in will determine full or part time enrollment and funding.

Late Enrollment

Allotments for students enrolled after October 1st will be adjusted according to the enrollment date.

Traveling and Out-of-State Students

Students who leave the state for an extended period of time less than one year in duration are considered a traveling student. Traveling students must notify their advisory teacher of their plans, retain a permanent Alaska address, maintain monthly contact, participate in all mandated testing and all program requirements. Families may remain enrolled for only one additional year, provided they have lived in the state for the year prior to travel and have abided by all program requirements.

Families are encouraged to discuss all enrollment options with their advisory teacher. Please note that by enrolling dually with CSD and another school or if enrolling after Oct. 1st your allotment will be reduced based on hours or credits obtained at another school, or enrollment date.


To be eligible for re-enrollment for the next school year, students must be in compliance with district and state requirements, and be making good progress in their content areas as determined by their advisory teacher.