We believe an education model should adapt to students’ individual needs and strengths. Because of this, Chugach School District has successfully applied for a waiver from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to replace traditional graduation requirements, Carnegie units or credits, with performance standards.

Our performance standards

  • Provide a clear road map of graduation requirements and real-life skills for success.
  • Are not time-bound and allow students to progress along learning continuums at their own pace whenever they’re ready.
  • Are flexible to allow students to gain knowledge and skills in their own learning style.
  • Balance teaching styles and homeschool philosophies: direct instruction, applied learning, simulations and real-life experiences.
  • Allow students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a variety of ways that highlight their strengths.
  • Are organized into developmental continuums in 10 content areas that address the whole child. Students can learn anytime, anywhere!