The education of our students is a partnership between the school, the student, and the parent/guardians. In order to ensure a high level of engagement on the part of the student, parents have the responsibility to support their student’s learning in the following areas:

State and local regulations

Students are subject to all state and local regulations that apply to public school students.

State testing requirements*

State regulation 4 AAC 06.710-790, require districts to administer state mandated testing to each student.  If students do not participate in state testing Chugach School District and FOCUS Homeschool will be held accountable for not meeting state regulations.  *Other testing requirements include, but may not be limited to:

    • AGS is adminstered to PK students each fall and spring
    • Alaska Developmental Profile in Kindergarten

administered in the fall of each year

  • Standardized testing will be administered to students in grade 3-8 and once in high school.
  • Level assessments

    In order to advance on CSD’s report card, CSD end of level assessments must be completed with a minimum proficient score.


    All materials over $200.00 purchased with district funds are considered non-consumable and are the property of CSD and must be returned to the program upon withdrawal.


    Upon enrollment, parents are required to complete and submit the CSD enrollment packet along with a copy of the students certified birth certificate, current immunization and TB health centers records showing all immunizations are up to date.

    Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

    At the beginning of each school year students, parents, and the advisory teacher work together to develop an ILP. The ILP plan is evaluated throughout the year and updated annually.

    Parent involvement

    In order to assure a meaningful education, at least one parent or adult must take an active role in overseeing the educational program of the student. In situations where this is not possible, the advisory teacher may work with the student on an individual basis to create an appropriate educational program that meets his/her unique needs.

    Right to appeal

    – Students/parents enrolled in the FOCUS Homeschool have the same right to access and utilize the district appeal process as students/parents in other CSD schools/programs.