Student records

Each student has a permanent file that contains the student’s progress report, test scores, and school records. One copy of the permanent file is kept in the FOCUS office and a second copy is kept in the District Office in Anchorage. Copies of the permanent record will be sent to another school upon request by the new school.

Quarterly reports

In accordance with state regulations, the advisory teacher will collect quarterly work samples demonstrating student progress in language arts and math.

Monthly contact

In accordance with state regulations, the advisory teacher will maintain a record of monthly communication with parents/students. Communication may consist of electronic mail, letters, phone calls, family gatherings, home or office visits, etc.


CSD assesses student progress according to developmental levels in each of the 10 content areas. A student’s ability to earn a high school diploma from CSD is not based on a student’s age or years in school but rather a demonstration of proficiency in all content areas.  The graduation levels for each subject (content area) are indicated on the developmental report card. Students can earn additional credit for courses completed that go beyond the graduation level. (Similar to Advanced Placement Courses) Transcripts are available upon request.